Click here to download the latest version.

Just unzip and to quickly update your status, go to the Windows command line (In WinXP, Start->Run, then type cmd and press Enter. Go to the folder you unzipped it into.)

clvi.exe w:[twitter] u:[username] p:[password] m:[test message]

For Snipia:

clvi.exe w:[snipia] u:[joe504] p:[joepass] m:[this is a private post to the team] s:[private] t:[G000-e9de8513-7a9a-45c0-9896-8ae5acfae3c1]

(You can get the team ID from the Team Settings link at the top of each team.)


One Response to “Download”

  1. AVP Says:

    Good utility but can the clear text password be hidden?

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